Chevy Volt vs Honda Insight

Buyer's guide comparing the Chevy Volt vs Honda Insight, two economical and environmentally friend hybrid vehicles.

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When you are looking for a compact fuel-efficient car, the Chevy Volt and the Honda Insight are two popular options. Both cars offer excellent fuel economy and a sleek design, so you can be environmentally friendly without sacrificing style. As you conduct a Chevy Volt vs. Honda Insight comparison, visit Buyerlink to find pricing details, learn about the features of each car and set up test drives. By finding out as much as possible in advance, you can make the choice that fits your budget and driving requirements.

Honda Insight

2013 Honda InsightThe Honda Insight is a hybrid vehicle that can run on electricity or gas. When it comes to prices, hybrid cars often have higher price tags. The Insight is relatively reasonable with prices that start at $18,600 for the basic model and $23,790 for the Insight EX with navigation.

When you are making a car comparison, the Insight usually falls somewhere in the middle of the hybrid class. Consumer reviews and buying guide writers state that the backseat is too narrow, creating discomfort. The car is built so that the air conditioning automatically turns off when the car goes into auto-off mode during idle periods.

The Insight's relatively low cost combines with excellent fuel economy to create a reasonable cost of ownership. It gets up to 41 miles per gallon when you are driving in the city and 44 mpg for highway trips. The car is designed to use the most efficient mode and will select the electric motor or the gas engine based on the type of driving you are doing at any given moment.

Chevy Volt

2013 Chevy VoltIf you are more interested in a car that runs mainly on electricity, the Chevy Volt may be a better choice. The car is primarily an electric car and has a range of 38 miles on a full charge. If you are driving farther, the gas engine kicks in as a backup. Many Volt owners find that they need to fill up their gas tank once a month or less, depending on individual driving habits. With a full charge and a full tank of gas, the car can run for about 380 miles.

The base cost for the Volt is $31,645 after the applicable tax credits. The standard model comes with the Chevrolet MyLink system, onboard navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, OnStar service, SiriusXM satellite radio and the RemoteLink mobile application. It comes with eight airbags for maximum protection and a powertrain/drivetrain limited warranty of five years or 100,000 miles.

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Both the Chevy Volt and the Honda Insight offer excellent fuel economy, so you can save money on gas costs over the lifetime of the car. While the Honda Insight has a lower price tag, it is rated lower for comfort and efficiency. The Volt's higher costs are mitigated by the electric battery capability, which requires very few visits to the gas station. As you make a Chevy Volt vs. Honda Insight comparison, use Buyerlink to find the lowest local price quotes and set up test drives. 

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