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BMW vs Mercedes Prices and Overview

Comparing BMW vs Mercedes prices for popular luxury models, including the Mercedes GLK-Class and the BMW 3-Series.

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When you think about luxury vehicles, you likely think about Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These two companies offer different cars and SUVs with similar prices, and in both cases, local dealers import vehicles for the American market directly from Germany. Doing a simple BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz comparison is the best way to see the fuel efficiency and price tag of the newest models.

Mercedes prices

A BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz comparison should start with a look at each company's current offerings. For the latest model year, Mercedes-Benz offered 12 vehicles for shoppers:Mercedes C-Class - BMW vs Mercedes prices

  • The C-Class has a retail price of $35,350 to $62,330, and it gets 15 to 22 mpg.
  • The GLK-Class gets 19 to 24 mpg, and you'll pay a price of around $39,000 to bring one home with you. 
  • The SLK-Class luxury sedan retails for $42,900 to $67,990. It gets slightly better gas mileage than some of the other models, with 20 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.
  • The M-Class, which has an upfront cost of up to $96,100 and gets up to 17 mpg.

BMW prices

A good car buying guide will note the number of miles per gallon that the BMW models get as well:Mercedes C-Class

  • The BMW X1 gets 18 to 27 mpg and has a price of $30,800
  • The BMW 1 Series retails for $31,200
  • The 3-Series can get 25 mpg on the highway and costs $32,550.
  • If you visit a dealership or read reviews online, you might find yourself drawn to the X3 or X5. The X3 retails for less than $39,000, while the X5 retails for $47,500. The X5 gets 20 mpg on the highway, while the X3 gets 26 mpg.
  • BMW also makes the Z4, and this little sports car averages 24 mpg on the highway with a price tag of $47,350.

Before you take any car for a test drive, you should look at the vehicle's rating in various car rankings. Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz have vehicles with lower and higher-end prices, and comparing BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz will help you see which manufacturer offers cars in your budget.

A buyer's guide might focus on the sleek and sporty Mercedes-Benz options like the S-Class or SL-Class, but it also might mention the BMW 6 Series, M5 and X3 options. With more than 30 cars and vehicles available from these two manufacturers, a test drive is just one way to figure out which car is perfect for you.

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