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For families with a lot of kids and a lot of cargo to haul, an SUV is an absolute must. This guide will outline which models have the best SUV interior

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If you're currently in the market for a new sports utility vehicle, chances are that comfort and elegance are two of the top characteristics you seek. Finding the best SUV interior that adheres to your lifestyle demands is a key factor in your purchasing decision.

Identifying the SUV Interior Best for You
To identify the best SUV interior for you, you should pay attention to three key aspects: ergonomics, practicality and aesthetics. Ergonomic factors such as legroom, headroom, placement of accessories, and seat positioning play important roles. Lifestyle factors such as seating configuration, passenger space, distribution of speakers, entertainment monitors, and in-cabin storage will also influence your buying decision. Aesthetic appeal in terms of color selection and the quality of the materials used for the trim and upholstery complete the package.

Mazda CX-5
Mazda CX-5 interior - Best SUV interiorOne of the best SUV interiors can be found in the moderately priced 2013 Mazda CX-5. With double-stitched leather seating and an uncluttered dash design, this SUV's interior graces you with aesthetic elegance. Legroom is also comfortable with 41 inches being available in the front and 39.3 inches in the back. Featuring a nine-speaker BOSE surround sound system, the CX-5 boasts an eight-point adjustable driver's seat that ensures ergonomic comfort, while its dual-zone climate adjustments provide ambient comfort.

The CX-5's graceful interior is also functional. You can select from either the 60/40 fold-down rear seat or the 40/20/40 fold-down version to best accommodate extended-length cargo and rear passengers simultaneously. With a base cost that starts at $21,195 and a combined 30 mpg, the CX-5 successfully combines price accessibility, performance and elegant styling.

Porsche Cayenne GTS
Porsche Cayenne interiorWith a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $83,300, the Porsche Cayenne GTS is a luxury-level SUV, and its interior denotes that perfectly. It is crafted in a style that is both sporty and elegant. The Cayenne's interior packs functionality, high-tech controls and comfort in its five-seat configuration. Thanks to three different leather appointments available for the seating, finding the look and feel right for you should be a breeze.

The Porsche Communication Management console with its 7-inch touchscreen display is prominently mounted in the center of the dash. Easy to access for both the driver and the front-seat passenger, it functions as the main control portal for all communication and information elements of the vehicle. It allows users to interface with it via touchscreen or rotary push-button inputs, making using it safe and intuitive.

The front seats come equipped with eight-way adjustment controls, with the option for an 18-way adjustment version. Seat heating and ventilation are also added options that are available for this SUV. Cargo space is greatly enhanced by its 40/20/40 flip-down rear seats, while passenger comfort is ensured with a four-zone ambient control mechanism that incorporates independent air conditioning for passengers in the rear seats.

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A high sticker price is usually indicative of a quality interior. However, comparable quality interiors can also be found in moderately priced SUVs. Reply! is your online resource to find more information on the best SUV interior options as well as other automotive-related questions.

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