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Best four-door sedans: New car rankings

A buyer's guide to the best four-door sedans of the year: Outlining the price and performance of popular sedans like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

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Four-door sedans are known for their comfort, capacity and fuel economy. They have more room than coupes but are cheaper to operate than SUVs or trucks. If you are purchasing a new car, it is important to learn about the best four-door sedans on the market to ensure that you make the best choice. The best sedans of the year offer a mix of style, performance and comfort that will delight even the choosiest of drivers.

Honda Accord

Best four-door sedans: Honda AccordWhen you refer to a car-buying guide, you are likely to see positive reviews of the Honda Accord. Consistently rated well in car rankings for fuel economy, beauty and technology, the Accord is one of the best in its class. The Accord was redesigned for this year and now includes a more streamlined aesthetic and expanded color options.

The Accord starts at $21,680, which is on the higher end of the cost spectrum for four-door sedans. With the higher cost comes a number of luxury features like an internal hard drive, a high-quality digital display screen, a built-in navigation system and Bluetooth compatibility. The Accord is also available with Eco Assist, which helps you get the best possible fuel efficiency. On average, the Accord gets about 27 miles per gallon when you are driving in the city and 36 miles per gallon when you are on the highway.

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Another popular domestic sedan is the Ford Fusion, which is available in gas and hybrid models. The Fusion is designed for efficiency, and the hybrid versions average 47 mpg on the highway and in town. Even for people who prefer to import their sedans, the Fusion performs well in all areas.

It is equipped with numerous safety features, like side airbags and rear cameras. The interior comes with ambient lighting and cozy seating, both which improve the driving experience. The Fusion is in the same price category as the Accord, with prices that start at $21,700.

Toyota Camry

Toyota CamryA car that consistently tops the buyer's guide rankings is the Toyota Camry. If you are looking for a car that has a spacious interior, the Camry is a good choice. The latest model has been redesigned to allow more room for your knees and head, which makes it more comfortable for tall drivers.

It also comes with voice recognition technology, built-in navigation and a colorful display. For drivers who are concerned with fuel economy, the Camry gets about 25 miles per gallon in town and 25 miles per gallon on the highway. Prices start at $22,235.

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Whether you need to drive your family around or you simply want a car that is comfortable for longer drives, a sedan is an excellent option. The best four-door sedans of the year offer a winning combination of fuel economy, comfortable seating and advanced features that make driving a joy. As you research car options, use Reply! to find local price quotes and set up test drives of the best four-door sedans of the year.

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